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Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)


Unparalleled Elegance and Durability: Embrace Luxury with Vinyl Plank Flooring

Adding luxury vinyl plank flooring to your home is an excellent choice. This flooring adds beauty, without the hefty price tag, to every room in your home. It’s perfect for all types of traffic, with various benefits that work to your advantage all day long.

Luxury vinyl is waterproof, making it ideal in all rooms, especially basements, kitchens and bathrooms. Thanks to its multiple layers, it can withstand most moisture, heavy foot traffic, scratches and spills.

These floors mimic natural materials like wood with a visual scheme that includes natural colors, formats, and textures for added realism. Since there are many colors to choose from, you’ll find a perfect match for your decor, no matter how unique.

There are two types of luxury vinyl flooring: plank and tile. Luxury vinyl planks (LVP) are often used when you wish to have the look and feel of a hardwood floor, as the planks mimic the look of cut hardwood.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) recreates the look of stone or can create an intricate pattern.

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Benefits of LVP/LVT flooring:

  • Extremely resistant to dents, stains, and scratches
  • Easy to change room design in future years
  • Some brands feature built-in soundproofing
  • Less expensive than real wood or stone
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean
  • Water-resistant